Why Focusing On Small Disciplines Will Take You Far?

When it comes to disciplining your mind so many of us fail. The reason is that at times we start running our lives as if it were a 100 m dash and fail to realize that it’s not a sprint but its a long, very long marathon. It will be a colossal disaster if we try the techniques of a sprint for a marathon. Hence we do badly fail. Sprints are glamorous and most importantly they get over in a few minutes but you really need to dig deeper if you were to survive a enduring test of a marathon.

A marathon requires you to take small steps, save your energy to survive the ordeal of the long distance, hold back and stick to the discipline of training. One step in a marathon may not make you feel like you have reached closer to finish line but you still have to discipline yourself to do because you know that though it may not seem like taking you closer to the finish but that is what you can do at a time. Focus on what you know is right. Likewise in life you may not seem to make significant progress by following some small daily disciplines but you still have to believe in the power of these small and painful disciplines. These small investments you make everyday in your life is what will take you far ahead of those who fail to make these small investment, follow these painful disciplines everyday. So, in the long marathon of life running too hard and leading from the start is not generally a great idea. You have to do the right things of trying to make small but consistent progress – trying to be slightly better than before and you will come out with flying colours.

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