The Core Program That Controls You

Who am I?

Why do I do things the way I do it?

What are my core drivers that make me act and behave the way I do?

Some of these questions you may have heard, especially the first one. and before you think I am going to talk philosophy, let me tell you that that’s not what I am going for. But at a day-to-day level, even if you do not connect with the first question, you will find it really useful to find answers or at least seek answers for the second as it will help you find out what defines your limitations and your abilities.

And again, one of the things I would like to lay out very clearly on the table is that you don’t have to buy the ideas that I am selling here. Please try and connect it with your experience and if it resonates with you then carefully keep it with you to continuously test it with the real life experiences that you will have tomorrow.

You are your imprints

As said earlier, right now the personality that you are displaying, the behavior that you show and the actions that you take are a lot defined by your imprints. Imprints, apparently, impact our lives in ways that we don’t even understand. However, you can either have imprints that propel you towards that wondrous future that you so desire or have imprints that constrict your growth.

So, what are imprints and how are imprints created?

Imprints, in a way, are strong and weak memories that are created mostly involuntarily but also voluntarily as we experience our life. Each of these imprints then get stored mostly in that part of our mind which is below our conscious (sub-conscious) and start controlling our behavior from there. These imprints then make us feel positive or negative towards a certain situation, certain people and oftentimes, life in general. The scary fact is, imprint creation is an automatic process. This also means that we are creating imprints without being conscious of it.

This brings us to our next question – How do we take charge of this process so that we create imprints that propel our growth and not hinder it and why is it important for us to take charge of our imprints?

Let me start by answering the 2nd question first – imprints control our lives like the core program in a computer or a robot would control it. You can keep making changes to the hardware but so long as you do not make changes to the software which controls the hardware and its functionalities you do not make any progress. That is one of the reasons why two different people go through same training, same schooling but they are not able to build the same capabilities as the other. This is one of the reasons why two people in the same situation often have two very different perspective.

Now coming back to first questions – how do we take charge of this process so that we create imprints that we want – what are some of the things that we must do. The micro behavior changes and tasks that we can undertake to take charge of this seemingly big driving factor of our lives are not really very complicated. They are awkwardly simpler things and will definitely serve the purpose; however, it is about doing these simple things consistently that will make it work. A few of these things done on-and-off wont serve any purpose. Here’s the list:

  1. Conscious Memory Jogging – Consciously deciding on which memories we will visit again and again and which we will ignore as remembering things strengthens the imprints.
  2. Sowing the Right Seeds – Filling our minds with ideas of power by reading great books written by giants, watching inspirational videos or listening to amazing podcasts.
  3. Power of Association :
    • Choose Your Manager / Leader – Working with great leaders and managers. Apprenticeship is also a great idea. No money exchange but this helps us build great imprints.
    • Choosing Mentor – We are often surrounded by people who can play the role of life-defining mentors in our lives but we tend to not take notice of that. We must consciously be looking for these great mentors as they can redefine our lives in ways that we cannot imagine.
    • Choose You Team – Working with great teams.
  4. Sincere Gratitude Exercise – Getting the Attitude of gratitude and putting gratitude in our daily routine.
  5. Meditation – Relaxing your neural connections so that old connections which give you old habits start loosening up and you do not feel compelled to get involved in activities without feeling power over them.
  6. Concentration – Training your mind to focus on things that you choose to focus on. 15 minutes daily exercise of focusing you sight on a single point can also help train our mind in concentrating our energies and giving it the direction that we choose to give it.

(If you do have some more suggestions on how to create powerful imprints by following some micro routines in our daily lives, please share it in comments section)

So, just to modify what I said earlier,

You are your imprints but you can become whatever you want by consciously choosing the process of creating powerful imprints of your choice.

Wish you all the best,


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