Thinking vs Opinions

Don’t judge a person by what their judgements or opinions are; judge them by how much have they invested themselves in finding out what they believe in.

Opinions are often characteristics of a lazy mind.

Most humans are lazy when it comes to thinking and hence you will rarely find people who are investing themselves in finding out what they agree or disagree with but look around every mind is overloaded with opinions.

The flip side of having and holding onto one’s opinions is that your cages are as small and as strong/rigid as your opinions.

A truly smart man will also have opinions (everyone should have opinions; you are not expected to sit on the fence-that’s no good) but their cages are constantly growing in size as they invest, investigate and keep the metals of their cages malleable with constant learning.

But more than learning, it is the openness to eternally explore (learn) despite running the risk that all that you know and believe in could eventually turn out to be wrong at the end of this exploration.

And still not letting this fear stop your curious exploration.

How can they do this?

The only way one can do this is if they operate from the position of principal-center and not ego-center.

Carl Jung



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